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Don’t Trip on Passion — Find The Fire Underneath The Form To Spark Vitality In Your Life

What drives your passion?  Passion without perspective will burn you out.  The things you get passionate about are not really that important — what is important is to understand the qualities underneath your passions.  What are the qualities that get expressed in certain experiences that truly light you up?  When you can develop a sense of vision based on a deep connection to the energetic frequencies that run underneath the forms that you identify with, you can aim your life toward fulfillment.  There is both an active component to this and a more passive component (surrender, allowing, grace, etc.).  Having a sense of personal mission — that you have a gift to give and that it is imperative that you not only discover your gift but express it in this lifetime, is a critical place to start.  But be wary of the trickster energy — the energy that distracts you and fools you with false promises.  Diligently pushing the boundaries and self-imposed limitations, negotiating safety and risk, moving through resistance and distraction — all of this is part of the path of self-realization — but it is a winding road with many bends and turns.  Your path is unique and, paradoxically, it requires diligence and constant attention coupled with faith and surrender.  Passion is only part of the process.