Freeman Michaels

I am a native of San Francisco. My childhood was strewn with glimpses of possibility, but I was generally socialized to view the world as hostile and taught to choose protection and safety over authenticity. Acting was an early outlet for me to explore authentic self-expression – in fact, I went on to become a professional actor (best known for playing Drake Belson on “The Young & Restless”). Despite a fairly successful career, I quit acting in 2000 – the joy of the art form was gone and I was no longer having fun.

I found my way to business and played the role of a real estate developer in the dream I called my life. When the market crashed in 2007-2008 my sense of self as I had constructed it came apart as well as my business. I turned to my lifelong personal growth passion and my love of writing to make sense of my circumstances.  I completed my master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica (which I had begun several years earlier) and started writing my first book. Weight Release: A Liberating Journey came out in January of 2010. The book chronicled my own challenges with physical weight (I have over a 100 lbs. swing from my low weight to my high weight in my adult life), but it also followed my journey to release the inner weight of self-doubt and limitation.

The process of promoting my book led me to discover another great love – radio. I was invited to host my own show on KKZZ (1400 AM) in Southern California. “The Freeman Michaels Show” aired for about a year, but the time commitment was too much. Yet, out of the experience Cutting Edge Consciousness was born (which originally aired on KKZZ and now airs on KVTA, and other networks).

I am an author, coach, trainer, and speaker. I specialize in weight release coaching, business coaching, prosperity coaching and relationship coaching (with a special program for singles wanting to attract a partner). I am so grateful to be able to connect with amazing people, grow, learn and serve my higher calling.  You can find out more about my work at You can also find out about my NEW corporate training modules at my new website